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Trademark Registration

Safeguard your business identity and intellectual property with AWM’s complete online trademark registration services, ensuring a solid foundation for your brand identity.

Secure Your Brand Identity

Why Choose AWM for US Trademark?

We prioritize your brand registration through eligibility checks, USPTO trademark searches, and professional guidance throughout the online United States trademark.

Easy Application

Complete TM registration, ensuring your logo and brand registrations are executed swiftly.

Expert Guidance

Receive customized assistance to help you successfully apply for a trademark.

Protect your brand

A registered trademark safeguards your business’s identity and intellectual assets.

Focus on Growth

Utilize AWM’s support to stay focused on the essential task of growing your business.

Continuous Support

Expert Guidance During Every Step

Registering a trademark is crucial to protect your brand’s identity. Clemta’s team guides you through TM registration with the US patents office, ensuring a successful online trademark application.

Need Guidance?

The Process Explained

We provide a free similarity check and USPTO trademark search for eligibility. Once we have the required documentation and your confirmation, we’ll apply and keep you updated.

Fill out the TM Form

Provide detailed answers to questions for a smooth trademark registration.

Review the similarity analysis

eview the report on the similarity and eligibility. We will proceed with your approval.

File the paperwork

After your approval, we will finalize the documents and file for your trademark.

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Trust AWM’s expert guidance to help you acquire a reseller certificate, allowing your business to benefit from tax exemptions on wholesale purchases. Start now and pave your way to cost savings!