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Company Dissolution, When Needed

Dissolve your US company seamlessly with AWM’s professional team, ensuring proper closure before state and federal authorities and an easy end to your business’s legal existence.

Simplified Dissolution Process for You

Why Choose AWM for Dissolution?

We ensure that dissolution will be a stress-free experience for you. We handle all the complicated paperwork, while you sit back and relax.

Easy Application

Our experienced team helps you to dissolve your company faster and confidently.

Expert Guidance

Receive customized assistance to help you successfully close your business before the state and federal authorities.

Maintain Compliance

Stay in compliance by filing final returns and dissolution certificates to mitigate any legal risk for directors and officers.

Focus on Growth

By fulfilling all legal obligations, you can protect your personal credibility in the US for future ventures.

Continuous Support

Expert Assistance Along the Way

Dissolving a business is more complex than forming one, but no worries! Clemta’s professional team assists you before all state and federal authorities to formally close your business and stay compliant.

Need Guidance?

The Process Explained

From drafting application documents to representing you before the federal authorities, our expert team will assist you throughout the whole process. 

Complete online form

Provide necessary information about your business and yourself.

Submit your application

Our business specialists will handle all necessary paperwork and submit dissolution filings directly to the state and federal authorities, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.

Proof of Dissolution

You will receive a formal proof of your business dissolution. This means that your business has been officially closed.

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Trust AWM’s expert guidance to help you acquire a reseller certificate, allowing your business to benefit from tax exemptions on wholesale purchases. Start now and pave your way to cost savings!